We’re going sailing

It’s finally official: Margrethe and I are going sailing.

I have been dreaming about and planning a new sailing trip, since I got home from the last trip in 2010. Margrethe wanted to explore the globe from the ocean after sailing in Croatia and Hawaii. She caught me by surprise when she asked me if we could cast off on a “longer” sailing trip in 2016. In my most optimistic dreams, I thought that 2017 was the very earliest I might hope to go sailing, so it didn’t take me many nanoseconds to agree.

We’ll try to hammer out an itinerary, so that those that want to visit us can plan when and where to join us. In the coming weeks, months and years, we’ll document our travels here. We have 2 months left before we fly to Trinidad to start sailing and we have a TON of things to do before then. This is going to be an adventure!