Visitors from Norway in San Blas

This was the first time we were getting visitors from Norway in San Blas, and safe to say we were looking forward to it. Bente, Maren and Frode met us in Shelter Bay Marina, just outside Colon. We hadn’t been gone from Norway for more than a little over 3 months, but it was still great to see friendly faces from home.
With them onboard, we went to Panama City to have a night out on the town, before sailing off to San Blas, where there are no cities, shopping or grocery stores. After a lively time in Panama City, we provisioned and cast off from Shelter Bay Marina. We stopped by Isla Grande on the way, for a quick walk around the island, a climb to the top of the light house, a couple of sensational Pinã Coladas at a rasta bar and a first night on anchor for our visitors.

The next day we sailed to San Blas. To explain San Blas to people that haven’t been there isn’t tough: picture flat islands from 10 square meters to a couple of 100 square meters in size, covered by sand and palm trees, surrounded by coral reef, watched over by Indians. It is as close to heavenly bliss as you can get in the Caribbean. Google San Blas and look at the pictures and you’ll understand what we mean.

We spent the next two weeks moving from Chichime, to Hollandaise Cays, to Coco Bandero Cays, all part of the 365 islands that make up San Blas. The days were spent snorkeling, relaxing in the sun and exploring the islands surrounding us. We also enjoyed some sensational meals from the galley team and had an all-together awesome time.

When two weeks had passed, the three girls went ashore, to spend a couple of days in Panama City, while Frode and I headed back to Hollandaise Cays to really get into our free-diving.

San Blas is a haven for snorkeling and freediving. The reefs are beautiful, there’s plenty of fish and very few people around, so you have the reefs to yourself. In addition to tropical coral fish we saw several spotted eagle rays, stingrays of all sizes and had daily sighting of nurse sharks, but also saw sea turtles and reef sharks. A highlight for me was when we spotted a dolphin and was able to swim next to him. Pure magic!

When Margrethe returned after the long weekend with Bente and Maren in Panama City, we had a great week with Frode, before we sailed to Linton, to drop him off, so that he could return to Norway.

It’s been great having visitors onboard. It gives us a good reminder of home and for them a very different vacation platform than you would usually have.