Tanna and the Volcano

Tanna in Vanuatu is all about the volcano, so needless to say when we were there, we were all about the volcano.
It was awesome. We spent an entire afternoon and an hour after dark witnessing the fury of the volcano. It is amazing. Anywhere else on the planet we wouldn’t have been allowed as close, but on Tanna: No problem, but look up for falling debris and chunks of magma. My kind of place!
We also found a fave hang-out spot, where we enjoyed a great lunch … The only minus, my beers seemed to run out too quickly.
We didn’t spend long in Vanuatu, because we are pressed for time. It is an easy choice to come back here, because it is a sensational spot. The people are friendly, the islands are beautiful and there are so many isolated spots off the beaten track that can keep you going for years. So next time around I will be back to do it properly!
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