A lot of people have asked me to post some pictures from the Caribbean. I’ll start with a small video taken when I took Marcus and Morten, two friendly Swedes I met in a bar in Le Marin, for a little cruise on my boat. This is the first swim I took in the Caribbean after sailing across the Atlantic.

Next are a few pictures from Le Marin.

Here are some pictures from Mustique, my favorite island so far. The first image taken as I’m anchored right outside Basil’s Bar, the other ones from a walk I had around the island.

When people think of the Caribbean, Tobago Keys are what many visualize

St. Pierre on the north tip of Martinique is another place I really liked.

I’ve noticed that when I’m on charters I don’t really take any pictures. I guess it’s because I’m working and I let the charter guests take all the pictures. This is something I definitely need to work on.

When Lauren was here I got to celebrate Christmas, properly which was awesome … A story my face tells =)