Sailing from north to south in Norway

Margrethe and I sailed from north to south in Norway, enjoying the fantastic coastline. We started in Bodø and worked our way south to Stavanger.

We enjoyed the entire Norwegian coastline, but it has to be said that we REALLY lucked out in the north with uncharacteristic spectacular weather. We met fantastic people, experienced nature and saw remarkable places that words, pictures and drone footage can’t convey. Our favourite area was Helgelandskysten, because it blended dramatic scenery: tall mountains, lots of islands and a rugged landscape with scenic spots and very friendly people. We also lucked out, because the day we started sailing, the weather changed from nasty to fantastic. We also had fantastic crew with us: Mari and Elisabeth sailed with us for the first week, seeing the north in all its splendour. They last sailed with us in New Caledonia. A few days after they left, Linn and Morten joined us for the middle section, where we enjoyed a true Norwegian summer: everything from gale filled rain, to steaming hot summer days. All good fun.

We went sailing on Baluba, the boat I co-owned before Margrethe and I bought Stella Polaris. We took Baluba for some epic trips in 2015-16, when we circumnavigated Denmark, visited Flørli and sailed up the fjords. This time, one of the owners sailed her North, while we got a chance to sail her south.

One thing is for sure, we have a lot more exploring to do in Norway, because the coastline is long and we bypassed so many areas we would have loved to explore. Luckily it’s not far away and with a proper boat everything is within reach. If you haven’t gone sailing from north to south in Norway: What are you waiting for?