A crowded day at the Pulpit Rock

We had planned an early morning, but we were slow to rise, slower to eat breakfast, but by 10:30 we were at the dock in Stavanger waiting for the ferry. Quite a lot of people had decided to take advantahe of the beautiful weather, so we missed the first ferry, but got across to Tau on the second one.

We drove the 20 km up to Prekestol hytta or the Pulpit Rock Cabin, which lies at the foot of the trail leading up to the Pulpit Rock. There we were surprised to find that you had to pay 100 kr ($17) to park the car while we trekked. There were heaps of cars in the parking lot, so they were raking in cash.

The trail mirrored the parking lot, because there were tons of people trekking to the Pulpit Rock. I have never seen more people trekking to the top and it was literally a long line of people huffing and puffing all the way to the top. The trek is “supposed” to take 2 hours, but we made it up in 1:15, by bypassing a lot of wheezing people. At the top the view was breath taking as always and we shared it with probably a couple of hundred people in the 30 minutes we ate our lunch, before snapped some pictures and headed back down.

It’s an awesome view from up top and when you know that it’s a 604 meter drop if you fall off, it tickles your stomach.