Hung-over, tired and with a funky stomach: I have to admit defeat. The
Ningbo solution to jetlag (getting severely trashed forcing the body to
focus on getting rid of alcohol toxins instead of jetlag) did not work
as planned in Vancouver.

Since last time, I have studied 4 weeks of Chinese and gotten fairly
settled into my fantastic Beijing lifestyle. I’m starting to realize
that I’ll probably be able to learn the language, so in due fashion I
decided to celebrate with a 2 week cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii …
after all, it would be rude not to!

So I now find myself onboard the Serenade of the Seas desperately
looking for water to drink. Ironic since it is a ship and is surrounded
by water, but a bit salty for my liking. Kind of like last time, when I
was dying of thirst in a bar in Ningbo, but couldn’t find anything
non-alcoholic to drink.

I’m here as a passenger enjoying my fathers hospitality. So far I’ve
been kitted out with a big suite with a nice balcony and most
importantly a very well stocked fridge with a selection of enjoyable
drinks for all tastes. I just found out that I’ll share my dining room
table with five girls in the age group 23 – 28. Four of the girls are
Norwegian and one is Canadian. I’m already looking forward to the five
days at sea!

Hopefully I won’t fall victim to a sea version of “Lost” … Though
with 5 girls it wouldn’t be so bad!