Seeing the sights on Moorea

I was very happy to make the short sail to Moorea, because I had heard so many good reports about it. I can honestly say that it delivered in full. What was nice was that Don and Devin on Liquid Courage, as well as Lee on Jargo also made the trip across, so we had friends around to get us into trouble.

We did one day of snorkling, where we started at 8 am, diving with 8 – 10 feet long lemon sharks. They were big, but minded their own business and didn’t mind us free-diving around them. At 09:30 we dinghied over to a sandbar where there were tons of stingrays … In spite of Steve Irwin’s experience with them, we had a great time. We brought squid with us and they soon loved us … and were all over us.

After the stingrays, we headed over to some tiki statues that had been dumped in the sea a long time ago by missionaries that didn’t want the locals worshipping “false” idols. Here are some pictures from the day:
On the last day we hired scooters together with Lee and Lauren on Jargo and Don, Devon and Jen on Liquid Courage. It was a lot of fun shooting around the island on the surprisingly fast scooters.
We got back to the boat just before sunset, which gave us enough time to hoist anchor and shoot out of the pass before it got dark. It had been a short, but awesome stay on Moorea. I can’t wait to do it again 🙂
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