Meeting old friends in Australia

Meeting old friends in Australia was the highlight of getting to the end of our journey. Both Margrethe and I have studied in Australia, so we had friends from back then, on top of this I knew even more people from when I sailed to Oz in 2010 onboard African Innovation (more about that here). It was fantastic to meet all the people we did. The video doesn’t do any of them justice, because they really came out in droves and made us feel very special. It’s funny to think that when we sail all around to the other side of the Globe that we’ll have so many friends there waiting to reconnect with. Here’s a short video from our stay in Australia (make sure you have the sound on):

I have to hand out a special thank you to Devin and Simon, who really went above and beyond, not only meeting us when we had just made landfall, but also escorting us up the Brisbane River, taking us sightseeing all around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, sharing a number of fantastic BBQs and then joining us for the sail to Sydney. Thank you, guys! You are truly awesome!

Everyone was fantastic. The video shows some of the pictures, but we were actually so busy catching up, that we didn’t take too many pictures, so most of the parties and BBQs only survive as a memory … and not as a picture … which in hindsight, might be just as well. Images of me trying to make a running and jumping surf on an (inflatable) swan in a pool in Sydney (thanks Wes) are best left for the imagination.

Meeting old friends in Australia was a highlight and a fantastic end to our sailing trip. Our trip ended in Sydney, where we left Stella Polaris in the capable hands of Tim Stranack with MDBS, the same broker I used to sell AI. He sold Stella Polaris quickly and we could return to our lives on land (for now) … but not before spending an awesome month in New Zealand. The New Zealand updated will be posted soon!