Meeting friends in Hong Kong

After an eventful stay in Thailand I was looking forward to a long weekend in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong is an awesome city and as luck would have it, a few friends of mine, from my Beijing days, had relocated there. We arrived at the hotel at 20:00 and were met by Vinny and Tine. Vinny recently moved to HK, while Tine had jumped on a plane to hang out with me. As it happened to be my birthday we headed out to celebrate. Kjersti had prepared a hat and a pair of sunglasses that I had to wear. I looked awesome.
Thank God that Chinese people are equally awesome and didn’t bat an eyelid when I walked around with my crown and hot glasses. Later in the evening some people even sang me the birthday song in the elevator at the Ritz-Carlton. But I get ahead of myself.
We started the evening with some Korean food, where everything we tried to order had “just” run out, but we still managed to stuff ourselves. We proceeded to get our drinks on in Wan Chai. After a drink at a venue that featured an expat band, we jumped in a cab and headed to the Ritz-Carlton. We took the elevator straight up to the 118th floor to Ozone where we met up with Tine’s husband and a couple of his buddies. Ozone is by far the highest bar I’ve ever been to. There we enjoyed some celebratory champagne and red wine while peering out at the absolutely unrivaled view of Hong Kong. It seriously doesn’t look real.
After a late night, we hit the sack and got up “earlyish” and enjoyed some Kung Fu Dim Sum with Vinny and Ed (another buddy from my Beijing days). We decided to do some sight-seeing and shopping, so we went to the top of Victoria Peak for an unrivaled view of HK.
We also had lunch with Tine and her husband (after seeing the spectacular view from their hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton) and had an all-together awesome day of sight-seeing and shopping … Before we in the evening met up with Fred (yet another buddy from Beijing) for a sensational meal and bar visit.