The decision has been taken. I am not sailing back to Norway … Not yet anyway … I take that back. I am still sailing back to Norway, but instead of sailing home in an Easterly direction I’m doing it in a Westerly direction. I’m heading into the Pacific in other words. When I say Pacific I mean South Pacific: Galapagos, Marquesas, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Tonga, I think you get the picture.

The plan is to go through the Panama Canal in March and then shoot off for hidden atolls, spectacular beaches, deserted islands and so much more. The plan is to enjoy all the islands we make landfall on and then dodge the  typhoon season, by spending the time from November till next April on New Zealand.

Right now we’re putting together the team that we want to share the spectacular sailing and these fantastic destinations with. I’m working closely with Martin (my brother) on this, because it’s important that the group dynamics for such a trip is excellent, if not conflict can quickly come knocking on the door.

In order to find people we’re looking amongst people I know, friends of my brother and I have also posted notices on crewfinder and sorgenfri, to increase our chances of finding a dream team. So far I’ve received some excellent responses and we’re already in a situation where we can pick people we think would add something to the team and be fun to hang our with.

I look forward to presenting the team here. The goal is to select the team within January, so that I can start assembling them after my February charter and head to Panama and enjoy the San Blas islands while we wait for our slot to go through the Panama Canal.