Freediving the caves at Vigdel

Jacob and I hit the sea together, for the first time since he left African Innovation on Tahiti in 2010. Now we’re both back in Stavanger and the sea temperature is very different from French Polynesia. Luckily we were both well equipped with proper 7mm open cell wet suits, so there was little danger of us getting cold, despite the temperature being a temperate 11° Celcius (51.8°F).
We did a beach entrance at Vigdel, swam across a stretch of sand bottom, before we got to a lot of seaweed and kelp. We didn’t see a single fish along the way, so we put our spearguns back on land before we continued. As soon as the bastards knew they were safe, they came out from everywhere, so we could have secured dinner had we continued with spearguns, but… Without spearguns we were able to swim through the kelp forest and enjoy some sensational swim-throughs. I was blown away by what is located 15 minutes away from home. Jacob and I stayed in the ocean for close to 2,5 hours, enjoying the caves, kelp and freediving. I will definitely be back soon with my speargun to capture dinner and my GoPro to capture some footage (Jacob sold me his old underwater casing, so now my underwater shots won’t suck balls. There will definitely be a “Freediving the caves at Vigdel” Part 2.