After a nice and non too strenuous flight (we basically slept the whole way, owing to the late night in Lisbon) we finally got to the Sunshine state.

The next 6 days was spent sight-seeing, going to museums and … I can’t think of a third lie … hmmm … Actually we spent the days, catching up with friends and shopping.

I first caught up with Kely on the Liberty. It was awesome to see her again. The ship was huge and I was very thankful not to be working there. She gave me the grand tour, which also included a ride on the Flowrider. I sucked, but it was fun …

We finished off the day by enjoying a tasty lunch at Hooters.

A lunch I suspect I enjoyed more than Kely. Don’t know what makes me think that.

I also caught up with a very old friend of mine: Naomi … well, she’s not very old, she’s my age, but we’ve been friends since we were 14, when she was the first girl I ever asked out on a date … Needless to say we had some catching up to do. I was very impressed with what she had accomplished since then. Her artworks were out of this World, as was her atelier. I wish I had a place like that.

We also spent substantial time in the Mazda 3, so generously lent to us by Petar’s uncle and aunt: Dubravko and Vlatka, whom we were also staying with. They gave us a room each while they camped out in their room with their youngest daughter. We are very indebted to them for their help and very generous hospitality. Dubravko and I spent a few very nice evenings chatting over a couple of excellent bottles of red wine. This while Petar was out “exploring” some new acquaintances 😉

Petar and I also squeezed in some time on the tennis court where I was duly cremated … and in the pool, where I could finally shine.

After 6 fantastic days staying with Dubravko and Vlatka it was time to board the plane yet again, but this time we were finally bound for my lovely boat on: