Fabulous Finse in the Fall

Finse is located 1222 meters above sea level and is only reachable by the railway line going between Oslo and Bergen. Due to the climate and weather, Finse is defined as the southernmost Arctic climate in the World and is a miniature Antarctica. My brother was finishing up some work there, so my dad and I traveled up to hang out with him, go on a few nice treks and cycle Rallarvegen. We had a great time, enjoying good food, proper whisky in an unbelievable atmosphere.
We cycled Rallarvegen from Finse to Flåm in weather that varied from sharp wind and fresh snow, to clear blue skies and good temperatures. In Flåm we visited Ægir, the local brewery, stocked up on beer for the return journey on Flåmsbanen and proceeded to do some heavy “sampling”.

Everyone is familiar with the wine and cheese concept. The logistics of getting things to Finse, means that it is smart to maximise what you bring there, so instead of bringing bottles of wine, it makes more sense to bring booze. So we had an unforgettable evening of cheese and Aquavit (Norwegian firewater).

Finse is a truly amazing spot, whether you go there in the summer or the winter. We were there in September and got to witness the first snowfall of the season. I’m already looking forward to the coming winter adventure we have planned there 🙂