As James Brown would say “Papa’s got a brand new bag”. After contemplating a blog for a LONG time I’ve finally taken the big step and created one. This blog is going to be a journal of all the traveling I do. At the same time it’ll also function as an account of what’s happening where I am currently residing. Since I am now living in Beijing it’s only natural that I’ll focus on China things, but as I move around, so will my thoughts in this blog. It will probably be a myriad of traveling tales and thoughts on what I see around me.

To begin with I’m going to go back in time and start writing about earlier travels. Haven’t quite decided how far in time I’ll go back, but I’m thinking back to when I first came to China a year ago. I could go further back, but I’m worried that important details will have slipped my mind, so it’s better to focus on what’s happening now (or at least relatively recently).

Here we go. Hopefully you’ll find this half as entertaining as I do.