It is probably with the same amount of surprise that you read this, that I write it: Petar has decided that the sailing life is not for him … and this before we even hit the water with the boat.

Yesterday he went into town to do some internetting and in the evening he sent me a text message saying that he is booking his flight home. I know you’re thinking that we must have quarreled or fought, or something along those lines, but we didn’t. He basically summed it up by saying that it wasn’t as fun as he had hoped. No amount of me assuring him that it gets better when we hit the water and start sailing, would make him change his mind. It’s a shame, because working on the boat in a marina on the ass side of Aruba is a poor indicator for how the sailing life would be.

Petar left this morning and moved into a hotel in the party district of Aruba, to enjoy life and reflect. I was very sad to see him go, but when this was how he felt, there was little I could say to sway his decision. Luckily he’s coming back on Monday to help me put the boat back on the water and to help me put up the sails. These jobs would be very tough on my own.

So now I need to actively start looking for a crew member … maybe I should try to attract a girl that likes sailing … We’ll see …