Though this, technically speaking, is a traveling blog, I figured that writing a few words about Christmas Eve wouldn’t hurt.

The preparations for Christmas Eve started the day before, when we finished all our food and present shopping. I was responsible for buying a Christmas tree and in many ways I guess you could say that I failed, because I ended up buying a fake tree. My plan was to buy a real tree, but they were so brown and ugly, not to mention horribly expensive, that I discarded that idea and went for a fake one. All in all I think it worked out well, even if I was a bit skeptical in the beginning.

Finally the Tree started looking like a Tree with capital T!

We were all set for Christmas!

When I woke up in the morning on the 24th I got my Christmas stocking filled with candy, so I smiled from ear to ear. We proceeded to eat a great breakfast, before we settled in front of the TV and saw Love Actually. A perfect start to any Christmas!

After wiping our tears away from the movie, we headed over to Cafe Amadeus (an Austrian cafe) and had a couple of glasses of Prosecco and a very tasty piece of topfenstrudel together with Stocki (In charge of the Austrian tourism board in Beijing).

Now it was time to get everything ready for Christmas. Steffi was in charge of the food and setting the table and I was in charge of … eh … The Christmas tree and the drinks… Oh and the music!

I’m sorry, but you have to be Norwegian to figure this one out… Though the last window should give you an indication of what I consider good Christmas music …

The table and tree looked very nice …

We ate a very tasty 2 course dinner … we had planned a dessert, but due to a large amount of schnapps, dessert was made redundant =) We were simply in such a festive mood that we didn’t have time to slow down for more food.

Before we could open our presents, we pulled out the guitar and played … no, not Sabbath (though it was tempting), but a few Christmas Carols … Though I’m not singing on the clip (because I’m concentrating on the filming) I can promise you that I sang as soon as I turned the camera off 😉


With the carols out of the way, we dove into the presents.

When we staggered to bed at 3 a.m. we had enjoyed great food, sung Christmas carols, played guitar, danced and had copious amounts of alcohol … it was in other words just like Christmas should be!