When you turn 30 you are supposed to have a big party, where everyone makes fun of you for not being married or even engaged. Thank God that’s not the tradition in China! Here they just aim at having fun, no matter how old (or young) you are.

Funny as this may seem, I actually didn’t celebrate my birthday on the day or the closest weekend for that matter. I waited over 3 weeks before we had a royal bash. What’s more funny is that I didn’t have it at my place, but in my buddy Shoichi’s way smaller apartment. His is nicer though and MUCH easier to find, so that settled that.

I also suspect his neigbors are somewhat more forgiving, because we had no run in with management or police … that I can remember at least … which may say more about my level of intoxication than anything else.

No matter what. It was a great party, followed by a wet and heavy night on the town.