With a bus packed full of girls, food, beer and booze, we set off to Qing Huang Dao to camp on the beach. The fact that guys weren’t fighting to get in on the trip baffled me, but Vinny and I had the fortune to be alone with 8 girls on a nice secluded beach.

We got to the beach shortly before nightfall … the intention was to get there earlier, but traffic was rough and with a lot of road construction happing everywhere it was actually tough to find the place, but when we did it was worth it. We chilled out, swam, drank copious amounts of alcohol and were in great spirits.
Tine showed great form, by oversleeping when we were going there, but hen proceeding to catch a train and cab to find us. Thumbs up.

The next day we enjoyed the fresh air and even squeezed in a game of ultimate Frisbee before our bus picked us up again. The trip back was actually equally memorable, but in a negative way. On the road we passed no less than 10 serious car crashes involving, trucks, busses and cars. In at lest 3 of them it was obvious that several people had been killed. So much for road safety in China!

Our beach trip had been a success, but the next time, we’ll grab the train!