An EPIC midlife crisis

As most of you know, I’m turning the big 4-0 next year. I’ve heard rumors of people doing crazy shit when they turn 40, only to blame it on a fabled “midlife crisis” (it sounds better in Norwegian: 40-års krisen). I feel it’s only right that I take advantage of the excellent opportunity a midlife crisis offers, to do something “crazy”, like taking a hot blonde on a circumnavigation.

So here’s my midlife crisis: Starting this coming summer (2016), when June appears on the calendar, Margrethe and I will set sail on a 3-year circumnavigation. We were originally hoping to start in 2017, but a few weeks ago, when Margrethe asked me if we could push it forward a year … besides falling even more in love with her, I immediately delved into how we could pull it off.

The trip has been green-lighted after negotiations with the two other co-owners of Baluba concluded. After Christmas is over, Margrethe and I have 5 hectic months of preparations ahead of us (2 of which I’ll be at sea on the oil tanker), before we set sail.

More updates will soon follow, but I wanted to share the happy news with you now, so that you can start planning your vacations and time off, to ensure that you can come and sail with us. I will write more about the itinerary and plans in upcoming blog post.

Looking forward to sharing a sundowner with you on deck!