A winter trek to Bynuten

Kjersti and I decided that it was time to get acquainted with the area around Stavanger, but even though I’ve grown up here it was tough to decide where to go. The solution was to download The Norwegian Trekking Association‘s App: UT.

We checked out all the treks within a reasonable driving distance and decided upon Bynuten. The UT App promised us a 45 minute drive, followed by a 5 hour trek. We couldn’t quite get the time to add up, because the trek was only 11,6 km long and 5 hours seemed a bit excessive. We figured we should be able to do the trek in a little over 2 hours, but as it turned out, the App was pretty accurate. We spent 2,5 hours trekking through snow in relatively rough terrain. We hadn’t quite planned properly and were wearing running shoes. Needless to say they got wet, because we were wading through knee-deep snow most of the way.

The trek was really nice and it was quite an exercise. When we got to the top we were rewarded with a beautiful vista. Bynuten is the highest mountain in the vicinity, so we could see far in all directions. At the top we enjoyed some hot chocolate, a few sandwiches and the true Norwegian trekking snack: Kwik Lunch. We were quite lucky with the weather, because we had sun and no wind going up and only right before we got back down did the clouds move in. It was a great daytrip and equipped with the UT app I know we’ll be doing more treks in the vicinity. It’s funny that it takes an App for me to get to know my own trekking grounds. When we got home we popped a couple of true Heavy Metal AC/DC beers and celebrated the trek 🙂
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