A new beginning

One year ago we returned home to Norway after being away for 1 year and 8 months. We spent 2016 exploring the Caribbean and 2017 sailing across the South Pacific from South America to Australia. We finished off our journey with a road-trip in New Zealand. Everyone predicted that there was no way 2018 could rival what we had just experienced. I was tempted to believe them, because coming home from my previous trips has always been a bit of a downer.

I’m happy to say that this time has been different: I kicked off 2018 by getting a good job on an offshore oil installation, before we bought a new house on an island by Stavanger, but nothing will get close to how we ended the year: By welcoming our daughter Sigrid into this World. One look into her face and I knew that nothing I’ve ever done in the past is remotely close to this.

Sigrid is keeping us busy (and out of trouble) … for now. I predict she will soon be spearheading our troublemaking. She experienced her first Christmas related family get-together of 20+ people when she was 4 days old and hasn’t looked back since. She has been the star of the show at every Christmas gathering we’ve attended and is now looking forward to the new year.

So am I. Though our focus has shifted a bit, we still want to travel, explore, rock out at concerts, hang out with friends, make new acquaintances and experience life … and now we get to share it with someone that’s completely new to this World. It’ll be amazing!

A new door has definitely opened. One that will open many new and interesting ones and I honestly can’t wait to see what happens next. Here’s to the new year and the amazing possibilities it will bring!

Big hugs from Sigrid, Margrethe and Andreas

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