A long weekend in London

Forever has passed since I last traveled anywhere. At least it felt like that, because I haven´t really traveled anywhere since coming home from the sailing trip 2 years ago. I did have a couple of motorcycle adventures this summer, but it wasn´t traveling in the “flying someplace exotic” sense. I addressed this by flying across the North Sea to spend 5 joyous days in London together with Kjersti. So, not really an exotic destination, but at least we had to fly to get there and it was a lot more relaxing than the motorcycle trips.
In London we met up with Troy, a good friend of mine from my film school days in Melbourne. The last time I saw him was on my boat in Sydney 2 years ago, almost to the day. The reason we were in London was to go to a Devin Townsend concert. I bought the tickets shortly after coming home from the 4 Devin concerts I saw in November last year. I cleverly bought 4 tickets and succeeded in tempting Troy to fly up from Australia to join us.
We had planned a few fun things while in London: Kjersti and I saw the musical “We will rock you“, and it did. We really enjoyed it. A great tip is to buy discounted tickets at Leicester Square in London, because you pay twice as much if you buy them online.

We also went to the premiere screening of James Bond: “Skyfall” at the BFI IMAX theatre. Naturally, I dressed up in my tux, while Kjersti put on a nice dress. I’m happy we made the effort, because the film was excellent.

Next was the event which prompted the trip to London for all of us: Devin Townsend Retinal Circus. To put it bluntly the concert sucked … elephant balls (the biggest balls I can think of, unless Brontosauruses also had balls). Though the concert sucked, everything else we did rocked, so the concert was luckily soon forgotten.
Besides these three “biggish” events, we did our fair share of sightseeing, walking, shopping, eating good food and drinking lots of gin tonics.

Troy and I both enjoy taking pictures, so we ended up with a ton of shots.

The trip to London was sensational. Kjersti and I had been looking forward to it for a long time and were both happy with how it went. We definitely need to do more traveling. When the long weekend was over Kjersti flew back to Stavanger, while Troy and I headed to the Eurostar.
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