We’ve just clocked into 2006 and it feels good. Last year was a great year and if the trend continues, this year will be equally excellent.

I want to apologize to those of you’ve that have written me in the past two months without receiving an answer. I’ve been writing like mad on the feature film screenplay I received a grant to write, because I had a December 30th deadline. Needless to say I finished it on December 30th shortly before closing time, so it was by the skin of my teeth. I have already started working on new projects, so there will be no rest for the wicked.

Things are going well. I’m really enjoying myself here in Beijing. I’ve made many very good friends. I’m starting to get my head around the language and my writing is progressing really well. I can’t complain in other words!

Visits will be at an all time high this year. As I write Stein and Jeff are visiting … My mother comes a week after Stein leaves, my brother a month after she leaves, followed by Kjetil a month after my brother leaves. I’ll be a regular tour guide by the time the summer comes around!

I’m not going to bore you anymore! Have a fantastic 2006 and I look forward to meeting you for fun and adventures!