(This was sent to all my friends on June 30th, 2005)

I woke up this morning and realized I had slept in a bar.

Not a bad way to start to my travels in China.

Where am I you might ask … well, I’m in Ningbo, south of Shanghai. I flew in to Shanghai yesterday and made my way south on a bus (being driven like it was a get-away car). I’m here because Jacob a friend of mine from Norway lives here. He’s currently on an island about two hours away from here, so when I can figure out a way to get out of the bar without leaving it unlocked I’ll make my way there. This is really a bit of a dream come true … waking up in a bar with everything at my disposal … granted it would be a bit short sighted to start drinking
with no one here, but hey. … The ironic thing is that I’m actually really thirsty, but I can’t find any bottled water!

So how did I end up in the LBB bar in Ningbo? I walked in here yesterday to pick up the keys to Jacob’s apartment where I was supposed to spend the night … The key rests safe and unused in my pocket. The owner of the bar, Mark, a crazy, but fun Canadian invited me along to an all you can eat and drink Sushi bar last night together with a group of Canadians. Let’s just say that there was a lot of:”Sake up (raise the glass)… Sake down (down the hatch)”.

This explains the headache.

In true Scandinavian (and Canadian) fashion we stayed at the Sushi bar until we were the only ones there. For a $10 a pop this was a great deal. Then we headed back to Mark’s bar … where I am currently locked inside. I was fairly animated when we got back and the last thing I remember is playing pool (loosing big time) to one of the waitresses here. After that things get a bit hazy. he he he …

My impression of China so far … a great place! .. Now before you think that I’ve set out on a month long drinking binge, think again!This was just my way to combat 8 hours of jet lag! I’ll stay in this vicinity till Saturday, when I fly to Urumqi all the way west in China. Actually a third of the way back to Norway, just to give you an impression! Then I’ll travel into the mountains for some good old fashioned hiking by myself in Osama Bin Laden’s suspected hunting grounds: Kashmir. It should be fun!

More reports will follow!

– Andreas

PS Jacob, when you read this, please give Mark a call, so that he can come and lock me out of the bar 😉 … Now if I could just find some water before I thirst to death!