Sailing Norway’s West Coast

A lot of people have asked me if I’ve gone sailing Norway’s West Coast and to my great shame, I haven’t sailed here nearly as much as I would have liked, but during the summer of 2015, I put that shame to rest. I’ve sorted through my pictures and put them together into the video you can see below. On both of the trips documented here, we started in Stavanger and went sailing into the area called Ryfylke. On the second trip we continued north and sailed into Hardangerfjorden, one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway.
One trip was together with Espen and Christian. I taught the two landlubbers the joys of sailing. We were helped by great weather, good food and plenty of drinks. We stopped on Finnøy for a night of drinking together with Margrethe and a few friends that were cycling around on the islands. The next day we sailed to Randøy and met up with Glenn for a superb stay at their private dock. We were invited to dinner at their summer home and enjoyed our time together with Glenn’s family.
In September Margrethe and I took Baluba for a spin in what would be the last week of sensational summer weather for the season. First stop on the trip was Sokn, where we were invited to dinner to try Dad’s fish and chips done Jamie Oliver style (they were awesome). The next day we sailed to Bokn and enjoyed a day on the hook in clear blue skies and unseasonably warm weather. Next on our list was Haugesund, where we met Dad and Sissel again, for a lunch on Baluba. From there the trip went up to Hardangerfjorden in fantastic weather. It’s not often, even in the middle of summer that you can sail in shorts and t-shirt in Norway, but now we were able to. We went hiking in the mountains around Husnes and were blown away by the calm weather; it felt like we were walking inside, because there was no wind. Later, we picked up Camilla on Stord and sailed to Espevær, where Camilla and I went freediving. We shot a few fish and Camilla picked up a huge scallop that we had for dinner.

The trips were sensational and proved that sailing in the late summer and fall can be just as enjoyable here in Norway 🙂 I can recommend sailing Norway’s West Coast to absolutely anyone interested in Norway!